25 January 2011

A rooster bell

We got a new bell. No, it doesn't cluck or crow. It just clangs. Walt put it up yesterday.

Cocorico !

I found it in a shop across the river in Noyers-sur Cher that sells about everything you can think of. It only cost 16 euros. The rooster (cockerel, coq) model was the only one they had.

Walt put the new bell up on the gate post.

The old bell was a cat. Walt had painted it black so it looked like Bertie. Unfortunately, when we got a delivery of firewood in December, the guy driving the tractor sheared off the cat bell with his trailer as he was trying to back into the driveway. There was no easy and obvious way to repair it.


Suzanne said...

I love that gate into your yard. Too bad about the other bell. It was a nice one because it resembled Bertie and it was just so...appropriate. But this rooster is nice as well. Looks great.

Sheila said...

The rooster bell looks great
and perhaps a bit more
substantial than the Bertie
version...perhaps just my
imagination. The hedge looks
really terrific. Maybe it's
a good thing to skip the annual
clipping now and then.

Autolycus said...

Mais, c'est très français, non?

Evelyn said...

Like Autolycus said, that rooster is very french and handsome, too. I'm glad you've got a working bell once again.

Anonymous said...

The rooster is nice but I miss your Bertie bell.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I meant to ask, is that your mailbox in the gate post? I like French mailboxes, especially the old ones.


ladybird said...

Nice bell! Any chance of having another 'Bertie' post soon? Has he been behaving himself since his visit to the vet?

Peter Hertzmann said...

Does this mean that you'll be raising chickens next (to match the bell)? Hens can make nice pets, too.

Lynn said...

Too bad about the cat bell.....I bought a similar one in Loches. New one looks good too!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Love that gate and post... Your property is beautifully maintained and the rooster will be a nice addition.


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

This looks great, I think. Now let it be safe from all crazy drivers.

Mary said...

Chanticleer (sp?) - très francais, n'est-ce pas. Very appropriate. I'll bet you would have bought another cat if only it had been available, though. Maybe Bertie and the Coq can become friends, anyway.