01 August 2010

Day off

Taking the day off today. We had friends over last night and stayed up late, sitting outside under the big-top, eating finger foods, and drinking rosé wine. I admit to being slightly hung over. But it was a lot of fun, and it's important to take full advantage of these warm summer evenings. The sun goes down earlier and earlier these days, and the mornings are kind of chilly.

An Evian ad on a bus stop in Tours. It says
"Live Young" — good advice.

I'm making a fricassée today, using a pintade (guinea hen) from the market, along with some dried mushrooms, onions, garlic, herbs, and cream. Should be good, but I already need to get busy if we are going to have lunch at a decent hour. We're also going to make some frites using those good King Edward potatoes from the garden.


ladybird said...

Evian has the same adverstising campaign here in Belgium with similar postersall over bus stop in Brussels.

chm said...

I wish I could follow that advice! LOL - MDR

Evelyn said...

CHM- you are a role model for us all!

I heard Joan Baez sing "Forever Young" Thursday night. She said she sang it when her parents remarried after being divorced for 30 years. They were both 91 at the time!

I'm glad you all are living young under the big top right now.

Seine Judeet said...

Chm, are you still chez K & W?


Nadege said...

(Judy, CHM is no fool. He knows which friends are good cooks with a great wine cellar).

Starman said...

It's only the first of August and it's already getting cooler?

Ken Broadhurst said...

Yes, Starman, the days are shorter and the weather is changing. That doesn't mean it won't get hot again. But this is a very different climate from what you get on the U.S. East Coast south of NYC or so.

Judy, CHM is here for another couple of days. Then W. and I really have to get to work with our paintbrushes.

Evelyn, I hope the Joan Baez concert was as good as you hoped.

Ken Broadhurst said...

Judy, I saw that you asked about fricassées on Facebook. To make mine, I used a recipe from an old book by "Tante Marie". She said to soak the chicken pieces in lukewarm water for an hour before cooking them. Then make a white sauce with butter, flour, and water. Put the chicken pieces directly into the sauce and let them cook for an hour. There's no browning involved. Of course, I added onions, mushrooms, and cream to my version. It was quite good.

Evelyn said...

Joan Baez was wonderful- she stood up and sang for two straight hours. The musicians that accompanied her (one was her son) took breaks, but she didn't. She sounds good, even a little better now that her voice is a bit lower. I admire how she has lived her life.